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Kilopass DAC Pavillion Panel

Yesterday I received an email about a panel organized by Jonah McLeod of Kilopass titled: Is Lifecare the Next Killer App?. The panel was moderated by Rick Merritt, EE Times Editor at Large. Kristopher Ardis from Maxim Integrated Products, Fabrice Hoerner from QUALCOMM Inc., and Greg Fawcett from Palo Alto Research Center were the panelists. The email stated that their discussion examined the semiconductor opportunity to facilitate health, energy conservation, safety, and productivity that will improve "Lifecare" for a world population of over 7 billion inhabitants. It had a pointer to a video recording of the entire panel.

MEMS Industry Group Announces Line-up for MEMS Executive Congress 2012

This year's MEMS Executive Congress will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona November 7 - 9. The conference is a unique professional forum at which executives from companies designing and manufacturing MEMS technology sit side-by-side with their end-user customers in panel discussions and networking events to exchange ideas and information about the use of MEMS in commercial applications. By creating an intimate forum for decision-makers, the goal of the Congress is to define, collaborate on, and grow the global MEMS market by connecting the MEMS supply chain (including device manufacturers, designers, equipment and material suppliers) with end-users and potential end-users of MEMS.

Cadence Publishes Book on Mixed-Signal Methodology

The growing complexity of today’s mixed-signal designs requires major changes in design methodology to both increase productivity and deliver high quality products on time. This wide-ranging compendium examines in depth such topics as AMS behavioral modeling, mixed-signal metric-driven verification, concurrent mixed-signal physical implementation, analog scaling at advanced nodes, IC package integration and data management for mixed-signal designs.

EDA – the early days: Has decision-making become harder over the years?

by Steve Chidester, Zuken

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The recent passing of Gene Marsh (founder of PADS Software and involved in the early days of Redac) got me to thinking about the early days of EDA. Before the ’80s many of the larger electronics companies, like Hewlett Packard, were developing their own CAD systems for electronic design. These were generally pretty clunky and expensive to maintain. It didn’t take them long to realize that this would become an industry in and of itself. As a result, some managers and developers broke free to found the industry that we know today.

Synopsys Launches Community Site For Users of Verification IP

Synopsys, Inc. announced the launch of, the first industry-wide, technical community site focused on system-on-chip (SoC) verification engineers and users of verification IP (VIP). It provides a centralized online resource of relevant forums and blogs focusing on verification of today's industry-standard protocols. Visit online at

Kilopass Expands XPM Non-Volatile Memory IP Enablement for Power Management

Kilopass Technology, Inc. announced that it has successfully expanded enablement of its XPM (eXtra Permanent Memory) NVM IP on the Dongbu HiTek AN180 and BD180 BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) processes.

Kilopass has also begun enablement of its XPM solutions at additional 180nm BCD foundries due to customer demand. Power management designs targeting mobile devices, hard drives, and the wide range of electronic systems being designed into automobiles, smart cities, and homes are driving increased demand for JEDEC-qualified Kilopass embedded NVM IP to store analog trim, product configuration data, and code storage in BCD process technology.

CR-5000 R14 – The thrill of a new release…

by Sandy Jones in the Zuken blog

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As a former PCB designer from back in the day, I always looked forward to the next release of the software that I was designing with. Like a kid unwrapping a gift, I would open up the What’s New HTML file and read through all the amazing new goodies billed to make my design job that much easier.

To this day, as an AE for Zuken, I still have that childlike spirit when I get my first glimpse of what’s new in CR-5000. This year was no exception when I checked out Revision 14. As always, our talented Zuken software development team has released a bounty of new features and enhancements in the latest update. Too many to name, in fact, in this short blog – so I’ll do my best to summarize some of the coolest features that I believe you will be excited about.

A la carte or the specials menu for your electrical design software?

By Steve Chidester, Zuken

As a software vendor we serve a broad range of industries, each with customers who have their own range of needs. This is sometimes causes us a dilemma, because we want to meet individual needs as closely as possible; and at the same time we have to resist trying to be all things to all people.

The obvious risk in trying to be all things to all people is that you spread yourself too thinly and become a jack of all trades and master of none. In our business, there is no prize for finishing second.

Synopsys to Acquire SpringSoft

In a highly competitive industry, the strong get stronger and the others, well the others survive. With the proposed acquisition of Springsoft, Synopsys will strengthen its position in the design and verification market and also get a boost in the custom IC design market.

Two direct competitors look in danger of loosing market share. Mentor Graphics has seen its position as the leader in digital design and verification slowly erode with increase technology and quality in competing products from Cadence and Synopsys. Now with the Verdi and Siloti products, Synopsys will be even more competitive and the Questa family of products will be under even more pressure. The problem for Mentor is that both of these Springsoft products are practically already integrated in the Synopsys design flow. Thus the usual delay required to integrate technology and development staff will not be significant in the case of this acquisition.

Daniel Nenni Shows His Marketing Skill

In a piece titled " Analytics Exposed" conveniently published on LinkedIn as well as its own masthead Daniel Nenni espoused the growth of his creation and compares it to other publications. You can read it at:

The piece has many problems, but I will just address what I find most egregious.

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