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Mentor Graphics Extends UVM Connect to Support OVM

Mentor Graphics Corporation has updated its Universal Verification Methodology Connect (UVM Connect) to bring the benefits of it to the Open Verification Methodology (OVM) community. UVM Connect has been extended to allow it to be compiled to run with the OVM. The UVM Connect architecture facilitates easy connection with other environments beyond the initially supported UVM and SystemC. With UVM Connect 2.2, teams using OVM can connect with SystemC models and other environments as well.

Feasability of 28 nm Process Is Increasing

A couple of recent press releases from both Cadence and Synopsys provided information that widens the usability of the 28 nm process to a larger segment of system companies. First Cadence announced success in using its DDR4 design IP in TSMC 28HP and 28HPM processes. Shortly after ward Synopsys wrote that its 28 nm DesignWare IP had been successfully used in more than 30 test chips for the 28 nm process.

A Real Intent Blog On Retooling

Title: When to Retool the Front-End Design Flow?
By Rick Eram, Director of Sales and Field Operations at Real Intent


ARM and Synopsys Expand Collaboration

Just after Synopsys acquired Virage Logic a few companies declared that the purchase would put Synopsys in direct competition with ARM and thus that the account was ripe for the taking. Any intelligent industry analyst, there might be a few remaining, would have immediately seen that the ARC core is not a direct competitor of the ARM family of products. But anything is a good source of rumor, and an opportunity to generate words that enable advertising revenue. Before I go on, I must confess that I am a bit puzzled by the lukewarm efforts made by Synopsys in inserting marketing and sales strength in the ARC product, but then again this is probably one reason that Aart chose Chi-Foon and not me as a co-CEO.

Supporting the Community

Jeff Hall, Central Area Sales Director, EVE

EVE has been working in partnership with the high-tech community from Austin, Texas, for a number of years now. One recent example of our community outreach is the Door64 event we sponsored in mid July at the Six Lounge in downtown Austin. More than 160 members of Door64 registered to attend.

Real Intent Expands in Japan and Europe

Since Graham Bell joined Real Intent just before DAC this year, the company has entered into two business moves that have expanded its presence both in Europe and in Japan.

Zuken Enhances Integration of Board Designer with Agilent Technologies ADS

Zuken has enhanced the integration between Zuken’s Board Designer solution and Agilent Technologies Advanced Design System (ADS) software.

The improved integration creates a number of benefits, including allowing engineers to easily import net, component and pin names created in Board Designer into ADS, along with other geometries. This simplifies the process of finding target signals to simulate with Agilent’s EM tools, while also slashing the time it would normally take to complete this task.

Mentor Had a Good Quarter, But Why Not a New Structure?

Mentor Graphics reported its 2Q13 results and showed that its earnings improved due mostly to a decrease in expenses. Revenues were $240.8 million, up 13% with gains in systems and software, and a very strong showing from the Design to Silicon division, the home of Calibre. This is to be expected, given the major effort from large companies to move to the 20 nm process node. Still the results show that Calibre continues to be the leader in its market segment. Percentage revenue growth for this division is greater than that of Mentor as a whole, showing its critical importance to the company.

Synopsys Acquisitions Define A New Market Reality

There was a time when large companies acquired smaller ones in order to fill the need for a specific product or enter a new promising market. But this is no longer the case in the EDA industry. I do not believe that Synopsys acquired either Ciranova or Springsoft because they were looking for specific technology or products. Pure market reasons are at the base of the acquisitions.

Results from DAC Survey

Cindy Wilson, Marcom Manager, EVE

The EVE Marketing Department takes the opportunity during each live event where we exhibit, such as DAC, to survey attendees who stop by to see us. This year’s DAC was no exception and we were pleased with the number of attendees willing to take time to answer our questions.

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