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Zuken Innovation World Post Conference Training

Zuken is pleased to offer two training courses immediately following the ZIW Conference. The training will take place on October 18th. Attendees can combine travel to both the conference and the training, thus saving considerable amounts of money. The fee for attending these special courses is a highly discounted rate of only $350 for the full day.

Zuken Incorporates Würth Elektronik DFM Rules Into CADSTAR

Zuken and Würth Elektronik announced that design principles and layer stacks from Würth products will be incorporated into the next version of CADSTAR as part of a new collaboration that will help create higher quality PCB designs.

Kilopass Close to Quadrupling Memory Capacity for Embedding Non-Volatile Data in SoCs

Kilopass Technology Has described at MemCon in Santa Clara, Calif., its new embedded VCM (Vertical Cross-point Memory) NVM IP bit cell. The new VCM bit cell quadruples the density of today’s anti-fuse NVM IP bit cell. The VCM bit cell will make possible program storage where today’s embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) technology is cost-prohibitive or unavailable at capacities of 4Mb to 32Mb. It will also enable a higher level of performance more similar to SRAM compared to existing slower eNVM technologies or external flash or EEPROM chips.

Synopsys Announces DesignWare DDR4 Memory Interface IP

Increasing amount of firmware in SoC devices requires bigger and faster memory subsystems. Synopsys announced the expansion of its DesignWare DDR interface IP portfolio to include support for next-generation SDRAMs based on the DDR4 standard. By supporting DDR4 as well as DDR3 and LPDDR2/3 in a single core, the DesignWare DDR solution enables designers to interface with either high-performance or low-power SDRAMs in the same system-on-chip (SoC), which is a key requirement of many SoCs such as applications processors for smartphones and tablets.

EVE Unveils Wireless SoC Accelerated Validation Platforms

EVE has announced immediate availability of the e-zTest MIPI CSI-2 and e-zTest MIPI DSI validation platforms.

These two new wireless system-on-chip (SoC) validation platforms support the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance wireless standards for Camera Serial Interface (CSI-2) and Display Serial Interface (DSI). They allow fast configuration of virtual cameras and virtual displays, along with an interface to a device under test (DUT) in the high-performance ZeBu SoC emulation system. The virtual test environment offers network accessibility of the design to any hardware or software engineer.

SpacePoint Technology from PNI Sensor Corporation

Last week I had the opportunity of speaking with Becky Oh, CEO of PNI Sensor Corporation. Those who follow this column know that in the last couple of years I have become interested in the MEMS industry. It all started during the GlobalPress 2011 event, when I listened to a few presentations from MEMS technology companies. This industry is very interesting on a number of dimensions: the semiconductor technology they use, the physics of the devices they produce, the amazing complexities of their micromachines, and the lack of integration tools from EDA companies.

Going Against the Big Boys - Life in EDA

Ralph Zak

Everyone loves a good underdog story. In EDA, that covers about 98% of the suppliers. There are lots of them. In an industry in which three companies with broad product lines control the vast majority of the revenue, about 200 other companies, with point tools principally, battle the giants head-to-head in their own narrow product space.

User Configurable Verification and Test OS From Kozio

I received my Master Degree in Computer Sciences a little over forty years ago. The subject of my thesis was a computer based testing system for the manufacturing floor of the company I was working for. Another engineer who developed the hardware and myself developed a system to test incoming chips and completed PC boards in manufacturing. A minicomputer stored the tests and the results so that we could not only screen bad items, but also collect data about batches of incoming parts.

Zuken Innovation World Is Fast Approaching

Last year I attended Zuken World (now renamed Zuken Innovation World) in San Antonio TX, but did not meet either of the Castro twins. Instead I attended the release of the CR-8000 PCB design environment and learned a lot about a company that at times seems a bit shy in its marketing approach in the US. Its style contrasts with the more aggressive approach of its competitors. I have often speculated that this is due to different cultures in Japan and in the US. Zuken, enjoys a significant place in the PCB market, competing with Mentor for leadership in the market. The CR-8000 is truly a system level design environment that approaches PCB architecture, design, and implementation in a holistic way.

Samsung Invests $4 Million in Carbon Design Systems

The news that Samsung Venture Investment Corporation has invested $4 million in Carbon Design Systems is a clear indication that Carbon's products have achieved a critical place in the design flow at Samsung. Obviously Samsung cannot run the risk of seeing a small company as Carbon disappear, and can also leverage thje investment should an acquisition happen in the future.

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