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DAC keynote: Redefining technology in the nanometer era

Bernard Meyerson, IBM fellow, vice president and chief technologist of the systems and technology group of IBM Corp. addressed the question "How does one define "technology" now that classical scaling is dead (and has been for years)?" in his keynote talk at this year's DAC. The information technology industry has relied upon the classical scaling in the semiconductor technology to drive performance and product economics. The science driving performance gains over the past decades involves more than the economic issues addressing the aerial density of transistors on a chip.

Reflections on DAC

The 42nd Design Automation Conference just concluded in Anaheim demonstrated that the EDA industry is in a transition period. As semiconductor fabrication technology passed the 100 nm mark on its way to 65 and 45 nm features size, the profile of the market has changed drastically. Most EDA firms are still experimenting with different approaches to the new market conditions and in some cases have succeeded in confusing the DAC executive committee.

Jazz Semiconductor wins Frost & Sullivan Award

Frost & Sullivan, a company that specializes in growth consulting and corporate training held its yearly Excellence in Industrial Technologies Awards in Naples Florida May 25th. The awards are presented to companies in varied industry sectors who demonstrate best practices in their regional and global markets. Honorees vary from pharmaceutical to semiconductor, from aviation security to electrical grid monitoring.

Do we have a brain balance deficit?

Offshoring is shorthand for offshore outsourcing. It can be either the practice of hiring temporary employees in another country or hiring a subcontractor that performs the required job outside the USA. The latter is the more prevalent form of offshoring in the electronics industry. Of course a more permanent form of offshoring is to establish a corporate presence in another country with either engineering or manufacturing resources.

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