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Accellera Breakfast at DAC

In just a few years the Accellera breakfast has become an institution at DAC. It is held on Tuesday at 7:00 AM. This requires a bit of effort from the attendees, but it is well worth while.

It started as the usual breakfast, although I was sitting next to Richard Goering who raises chickens and thus found the scrambled eggs wanting. But I am sure that in places like Moscone the scrambled eggs come from a box of powdered eggs anyway.

Behavioral, Legal, Political Issues of Internet of Things

Engineers almost always focus their attention solely to the technical aspects of a problem. The Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly a complicated and fascinating topic to address. Advances so far indicate that we will be able to successfully implement all of the functions predicted for the next dozen years or so. Looking at the possible results we see a fascinating environment. If it were possible to adapt humans to the wonders of technology in a positive manner, the world would certainly be better.

But reality says that instead humans adapt technology to their own interest, not the other way around.

The Al-Amarnah (AMARNA) ruins. A testament to Akhnaten

In May of 2011 my wife Linda and I went on a trip to Egypt. The trip was a mixture of tourism, geopolitical, and mystical aspects. As a result we visited both common touristic sites, as well as less known ones, and experienced private visits to some of the sites as part of our mystical pilgrimage.

Linguine, Leeks, Ham, Cream, And Nutmeg

As the first Italian immigrants came mostly from Southern Italy, Americans' idea of Italian cooking tends toward southern Italian cuisine. But Italian cuisine is as varied as its regions, and there are 20 of them. In the north, where I come from, we do not use as much tomatoes and so our sauces are not always red.

What Advances Synopsys' Executives Expect In EDA Technology

Recently I had an exchange with a few Synopsys' executives about what they foresee for 2014. What follows is their input.


Michael Sanie, Senior Director, Verification Marketing, Synopsys

John Cooley Barrister Chastises Synopsys

That John Cooley built his blogger reputation by promoting himself as the White Knight representing users against the oppressor Synopsys is well known. But that John Cooley easily navigated legal issues was a well kept secret until October 25, 2013. Reading his latest "scoop" against Synopsys I was surprised by the amount of legal insight that John displays, and how quickly he can reach the conclusion that the matter is resolved against Synopsys and in favor of Atoptech on 8 of the 9 claims made by Synopsys against Atoptech. If you have not read the piece you can find it here.

The Data Center Is Back, But In The Cloud

There are probably a few old timers like me who remember the Data Center. It was a physical place one went in order to use powerful computers the company either could not afford or did not want to purchase. Control Data Corporation made the data center famous with its line of CDC 6XXX computers used mostly for engineering and scientific applications. A data center near the Los Angeles airport was my second home during 1968 to 1972 while working as a consultant.

From Roma to Perugia

The cruise part of the vacation is over and now it is time to go explore Umbria. The region is situated in the middle of Italy, between Tuscany and Lazio. It is a hilly region and as we discovered while driving through it, it is quite picturesque.

Approaching and Visiting Gibraltar

Two evenings ago we had some excitement around our dinner table. Our assistant waiter, Gustavo, told us that he would have to leave at 9:30 because he was going to propose to his girlfriend that evening in the Crown Grill.

Crossing the Atlantic

This is the sixth time that I have crossed the Atlantic. I crossed once on a small charter ship, once on the QE2, and the rest on cruise ships including the Norway. This used to be the Isle de France, one of the liners that were until the 1960s the only comfortable way to cross the divide between Europe and North America.